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Property BVI Realtors Advantage Property Management program is designed to relieve landlords from the daily hassles of managing their properties. Our experienced team of professional and responsible realtors are committed to protecting your investment. We specialize in income generating properties and residential homes of off-island owners.

At Property BVI Realtors, we will manage your property the way you would if you had the time. Please review our commitments below and contact us to register your property.
  • Advertise rental properties in multiple medias and on our website.
  • Show the property to perspective tenants.
  • Screen tenants - obtain references; verify employment, complete background and rental history checks.
  • Lease Agreements - issue lease agreements and see that all terms and conditions are followed.
  • Inventory - we will issue an inventory list to be checked at the time of move-in and move-out from each rental unit.
  • Receive service call requests - dispatch technicians, plumbers, and electricians as needed.
  • Control and supervise all maintenance work.
  • Inspections - complete a yearly official inspection of each unit.
  • Routine inspections - we will carry out routine inspections periodically.
  • Host a 24-hour call center for emergencies.
  • Provide a computerized monthly statement of all income and expenses related to each rental unit. We will also include all copies of invoices.
  • Collect and process Rental Income in a timely manner.
  • Pay expenses.
  • Aggressively seek the best quote for major work such as driveways and retaining walls.
  • Insurance renewals. Based upon your request, Property BVI Realtors can withhold a percentage of monthly income to cover annual insurance.
  • Pay house and land tax upon the behalf of the landlord.
Optional additional Services
  • Housekeeping Services - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Garden and Grounds - Daily, Weekly or Monthly